, Cont◆e met with Huawei〓 Chief Executive■ Ren Zheng■fei in Beiji◆ng."I told ■him we have adopted ○some precautions, ●some measur●es to protect ou■r interests■ and that these dema●nd extremely ○high levels◆ of security,〓" Conte said, ○according to Italia■n media repor〓ts. "But

this ■is not just for Huaw○ei, but for any ●company lo〓oking to joi○n the 5G rol●lout."Shorthand for 〓"fifth generatio〓n", 5G refers ◆to high-sp●eed digital● cellular networ〓ks that can su●pport up to ◆a million devices p◆er square kilom

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visit to■ China in


late ◆April, Italian Prim●

et○er, compar■ed to only around ●4,000 device■s per square kilome〓ter for the previ○ous generation servi■ce.According to

e Minister ●Giuse
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